Adventures Abroad

What wonderful work experiences 2018 had installed, which involved loads of travel abroad and sights knocked off my bucket list. So grateful and so blessed! Moscow, Malaysia and Amsterdam are some of the places I’ve been able to explore and learn some wonderful tricks. Most importantly, learn more about each culture.

In Amsterdam I was able to work with my inflatable inspiration, Airworks. Who, I think do the most incredible inflatable creations. So good in fact, that it’s very hard to tell that they're made of air. Working on top shelf Productions, Tours and Events. They were incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.

In Malaysia, I was able to work on the Korean Winter Olympics, making Puppets inspired by Korean folklore.

In Moscow, start off a tour for Anita Tsoy. For whom i made Hero the Dragon.

Other places I was able to visit and feel totally inspired, were Nantes, France, where I wondered around The Island of Machines. A Jules Verne, Steam Punk Heaven, full of amazing mechanical creatures and play scapes.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, so wonderful to see what an art institution can do for a city. Transform it into a destination hub of the world, with one big amazing architectural statement. Just near by, I was delighted to promenade along the Belle Epoque shores of San Sebastian. What a beautiful part of the world.

And how can I forget a Canal Gay Parade in Amsterdam, what a way to celebrate Pride!

Making a Giant Baby

A behind the scenes look at the design process and how a giant baby is created.

Play is the key. Awe is the goal. This is Human Mobile. See how artist Felipe Reynolds created the giant, inflatable baby sculpture for Fed Square.